New remaster GrimGrimoire OnceMore announced

GrimGrimoire OnceMore

Publisher Nippon Ichi Software and developer Vanillaware have announced GrimGrimoire OnceMore, a new remaster of the classic PS2 game.

GrimGrimoire OnceMore is being developed for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 and has a release date set for July 28th in Japan, with a price point set at 5,478 yen, news confirmed in the latest Famitsu (via ryokutya2089).

Here’s what’s new in the remaster:

GrimGrimoire OnceMore

  • New Element: Great Magic – Four new types of great magic available for use in magic battles. Newly drawn cut-in illustrations are used to activate them.
  • The screen ratio has been widened.
  • Fast-forward function during battles and stories.
  • Save function in the middle of the game.
  • Balance adjustment of the hard difficulty level, making the game more challenging than the original.
  • Skill tree – Coins are obtained by completing the tasks set for each stage. Use the coins to enhance the magician. Coins can also be refunded.
  • Gallery mode added to enjoy the illustrations.
  • Not only higher resolution graphics, but also a new cast:
    • Lillet Blan (voice by Iori Saeki)
    • Margarita Surprise (voice by Miharu Hanai)
    • Gammel Dore (voice by Teruo Seki)
    • Advocat (voice by Hiromichi Tezuka)

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