Great Edo Blacksmith’s Yugiri is Quite a Brooding, Pessimistic Woman

Great Edo Blacksmith is all about a dying smithy who has moved to the city to find riches, and a chance at love. Previously, we had been introduced to Kiyohana, the clumsy yet bubbly girl with the sideways ponytail. Now, we’ve gotten a look at a girl who is quite the opposite.

Featured above is a new trailer that showcases Yugiri’s attitude and responses to the protagonist. Yugiri is a beautiful woman with long, onyx hair. Despite her politeness, she has somewhat of a cynical/pessimistic outlook in life, mostly due to her troubled past.

She says things like “life is filled with hardships” and even a more daunting remark like “let’s just get this over with. I’ll do anything you say” to the protagonist. She’ll even chastise the protagonist and his actions by saying things like “I know you only came here for this”, making a nod towards him being a pervert.

So why is Yugiri so cold towards her patrons? The trailer revealed a few tidbits of her dark past, so we’ve now learned that her father was killed by someone brandishing a sword. It makes sense now why she has so much animosity towards the protagonist, who literally crafts swords for a living.

Great Edo Blacksmith is coming to Japan on November 27th, 2014 for PlayStation Vita.



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