UPDATE: Granblue Fantasy: Relink Launches 2022 for PS4 and PS5; Over 20 Minutes of Gameplay

Granblue Fantasy: Relink

Cygames have announced the release date and additional PlayStation 5 platform for Granblue Fantasy: Relink, along with over 20 minutes of gameplay.

Originally slated for just PlayStation 4, the action RPG will also be heading to PlayStation 5 and launching in Japan in 2022 on both platforms. As a western release was previously confirmed, it is likely this will be the same release date year in Japan and the west (though several months apart).

Cygames also revealed the game initially had a new protagonist- a girl called Blue. After 2015 however, Granblue Fantasy protagonists Gran and Djeeta became less of a blank slate. As such the pair also became Granblue Fantasy: Relink‘s protagonists, but will still gain clothes inspired by Blue’s design through their adventure.

The news comes via the first day of Granblue Fantasy Fes 2020, which also showed over 20 minutes of gameplay. Therein we see that players can switch between controlling Gran and Djeeta, but only one can be in the game’s world at a time.

As players combo enemies with basic attacks, they improve their “Class,” which can be expended to power up special attacks. We also see that skills can be leveled up, and that gear has levels and a 5-star rating system. Up to three other party members can join you in battle. The gameplay footage did not show the player take command of these other characters, but that does not rule it out.

As players fight along their allies, they build up a Link Level which seems to boost their stats. Players can also chain special attacks with their allies to deal more damage. Chaining all four party member’s attacks causes a Chain Burst special attack to be unleashed.

Bosses also have a few tricks, as they build up a “Mode” meter as they take damage. When full, they go int Over Drive, taking less damage while dealing out more themselves. However, the Mode meter empties as they take damage when in Over Drive, and when empty causes the Boss to enter a Break state. This stuns them for a short time, and has them take more damage.

You can find the gameplay below (starting at 6:16:50).

UPDATE: Cygames have now released the gameplay segment with English subtitles. The game will have a Trial Mode much like the mobile game, where users can test combos against a training dummy.

Attacks are performed with the Square and Triangle buttons (with what seems to be light and heavy attacks), with the combo changing depending on the order and combination of the buttons. As aforementioned, the player can build up their Class with combos to perform Class Arts (the higher the class, the more damage the Class Art does).

Players can also gain more skills by equipping Whorls, though the ones shown appear to be passive. The player can form their party “in town,” and as such it is likely you are unable to do so on missions.

The gameplay segment had dialogue and scenes removed that would spoil the story, though it was revealed the gang were chasing down a foe who have captured their airship (the Grandcypher).

You can find the In-Development Gameplay – “Mega Fleet Battle” presentation below.


In 2019, PlatinumGames were dropped from the game’s development, with Cygames assuming direct development over the project.



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