Google spends billions to maintain search engine market dominance, says DOJ

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It’s been a few years since the United States Department of Justice has levied its antitrust lawsuit against Google for various reasons. Though now over the course of the next several weeks will they make their case on the tech giant allegedly rigging the search engine market to maintain their market dominance.

The crux of their argument comes from Google spending large amount of money to multiple places and devices to make their search engine the default one. Examples include Apple with their devices and supposed web browser opponent Firefox.

The former of which was alleged to even have been strong armed by the company to essentially force them to make the Google search engine default on their devices as well as the Safari web browser with a condition of revenue sharing.

According to the DOJ, Google has spent over an astounding $10 billion per year just to make their search engine the default on all these platforms, making them the easy frontrunner to the people as the main search engine of the internet. All this being viewed as anticompetitive by the DOJ.

They are also being accused of deleting documents to avoid them being brought into court proceedings.

As the case is still going through trial, the results on whether Google’s actions can be viewed as breaking antitrust law remains to be seen.


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