Google lays off 12,000 staff in largest firings in company history


The tech sphere has been suffering economically and Google is no exception as they’ve announced mass layoffs.

The company will be laying off 12,000 employees – the largest that has ever occurred in company history over their 25 years of existence.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai wrote a letter to the company detailing the decision and what will happen with those finding themselves without a job.

The reasoning behind these layoffs is the economic instability currently hurting businesses around the world with recessions and decline. Ex-staff in America can expect these accommodations:

  • Payment during the full notification period (minimum 60 days).
  • Will be offered a severance package starting at 16 weeks salary plus two weeks for every additional year at Google, and accelerate at least 16 weeks of GSU vesting.
  • 2022 bonuses and remaining vacation time.
  • 6 months of healthcare, job placement services, and immigration support for those affected

However, it remains unclear what staff outside of the United States will be offered, due to multiple different laws across the world.

As stated before, the tech sector is being hit hard due to tough economic conditions. Just yesterday, Microsoft laid off 10,000 employees across their sectors, including the Xbox division.

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