GOG quietly kills Steam-import service GOG Connect


GOG has quietly killed off GOG Connect, their bold attempt at getting more users to migrate from Valve’s behemoth Steam platform.

GOG Connect was a service that allowed players to import certain games during short time periods from their Steam libraries to their GOG accounts, free-of-charge.

This meant users didn’t have to double dip, not that many would, their games between services. They’d also be able to get DRM-free versions of games they owned as well.

However it hasn’t been a relevant service in a long while now, and it seems that the company has realized this by quietly killing it off. A new report (via Reddit) notes the URL to the page no longer brings people to the service, but instead redirects them to the homepage.

They also have proof that this occurred very recently, as even at the beginning of 2023 the webpage was still functional.

While it’s unfortunate to lose the service as some users would like to own DRM-free versions of games they’ve already purchased. It also had challenges getting publishers to agree to practically giving their games away, even if it was to those who had already bought their stuff.

This combined with the focus on pushing GOG Galaxy as a means to unify one’s library of games across the many launchers that exist on PC meant the service’s days were already numbered.

What do you think? Did you ever user GOG Connect to get a DRM-free copy of a game you owned on Steam? Sound off in the comments below!

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