Goblin Slayer tactics RPG reveals gameplay and details

Goblin Slayer RPG

The upcoming tactical RPG based on the Goblin Slayer franchise Goblin Slayer Another Adventurer: Nightmare Feast showed off some gameplay and features in a recent livestream.

The series follows an adventuring “Guild Master” (everyone in Goblin Slayer is generally referred to by their job or title) controlled by the player. Along their quests, they’re joined by the heroes from the manga and anime, as well as some original characters.

Gameplay takes place on a grid-based map similar to other tactical RPGs like Final Fantasy Tactics and Disgaea. Players will use each character’s unique weapon skills, job skills, and magic to destroy enemies and control the flow of battle.

Goblin Slayer RPG

When you aren’t killing goblins and other monsters, players retreat back to the Adventurer’s Guild to stock up on equipment and review their stats.

In addition to damage and healing, map control is the key to victory in Goblin Slayer Another Adventurer: Nightmare Feast. Some characters will be able to CC (Crowd Control) enemies or lay traps on terrain to give players an advantage.

You can check out the gameplay from the livestream below at approximately the 20:13 mark. Of course there’s more to see in the livestream but at the time of writing there are no English subtitles.

Voice actors from the anime such as Yuichiro Umehara as the titular Goblin Slayer will reprise their roles. New characters are being voiced by big names in the industry such as Rie Takahashi (Megumin from KonoSuba, Emilia Re:Zero) and Daisuke Ono (Koizumi from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Golem from Somali and the Forest Spirit.)

Goblin Slayer Another Adventurer: Nightmare Feast is launching sometime this winter, worldwide, for Windows PC and Nintendo Switch, and will have both Japanese and English language support. The second season of the Goblin Slayer anime premiered earlier this month.



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