Victorian stealth-action sim Gloomwood gets slight delay


New Blood Interactive have announced that the highly anticipated immersive stealth-action game Gloomwood will be receiving a slight delay.

Gloomwood was originally supposed to finally enter Early Access on August 16th, but has since been delayed to September 6th.

The cause of the small 3-week delay is due to several developers catching COVID. The delay also gives New Blood Interactive’s game ULTRAKILL some breathing room, as the retro-inspired shooter is set to receive a huge update on August 16th. As an added bonus, the developers will have a little extra time to polish Gloomwood in a few places ahead of its Early Access launch.

You can find a rundown (via Steam) below:

Gloomwood is a stealth horror FPS that follows your mysterious abduction to a forgotten, twisted Victorian metropolis in the midst of a horrifying transformation. Wield your canesword and take to the shadows as you uncover the accursed mystery hidden within the fog.

The producers of DUSKAMID EVILULTRAKILL and FAITH bring you a frightening, gothic immersive sim full of haunted streets, dark tunnels and decadent mansions.


  • An intricate, hand-crafted city with freeform exploration – from towering rooftops down to hidden passages, the routes you take and paths you make, are your choice.
  • A detailed stealth and sound system that tracks your light visibility and propagates noise accurately through the world. Tread lightly. Or prepare to get loud.


  • unique arsenal to meet any situation – a stealthy canesword, six-shot revolver, folding shotgun, hand-placed traps, rope-slinging harpoon rifle and more.
  • In-depth player interactivity, from leaning to eavesdrop, peeking through door cracks, checking the bullets in your firearms and mantling onto ledges.


  • A mob of ghastly denizens and monsters with acute senses, like the sharp-clawed Crowmen and the fearsome, cadaver-seeking Corpse Duster.
  • Gloomwood is full of objects to pick up, throw, climb, smash and use to your advantage.
    There is more to this city than you can possibly imagine…
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