Melancholic visual novel Ghostpia: Season One now available for PC

ghostpia ghostpia season one

Storybook-like visual novel Ghostpia: Season One has been ported to PC.

Ghostpia: Season One is now available for Microsoft Windows (through Steam), and was originally released for Nintendo Switch.

Ghostpia: Season One has a glitchy aesthetic, blending visual noisiness with the overwhelming amount of snow present in the game.

You can read the announcement below:

We are pleased to announce that room6 Co., Ltd. is releasing the Steam version of the graphic novel ghostpia: Season One on August 22nd, 2023, at 4:00 PM (Japan time.) ghostpia: Season One is a visual novel characterized by warm, storybook-like visuals adorned with glitch-and-noise effects. The story takes place in a snowy town inhabited by immortal “ghosts.” The introduction of Yoru, a new ghost, sets off a chain of events in the stagnant life of a lonely girl named Sayoko. ghostpia does away with quick-time events and branching paths, pouring all of its resources into a single, thoroughly enhancing scenario. Please enjoy the story of these adorable characters, a story which is kind but intense, cruel but cute, as well as lonely and sometimes violent.

Furthermore, we are releasing the original soundtrack from ghostpia: Season One. It includes the main theme “Ghost,” which captures a nostalgic atmosphere, the Japanese-style tones of “Ninja,” and the city pop vibe of “City,” which embellishes the ending of each episode. Players will be able to fully enjoy each of the tracks composed by the popular contemporary composer Hiromu Takano.

Isolated from the world by snow, a town lies barren near a terminal station.

There lies a town where ghosts flood the streets at night.

But they aren’t really ghosts. They are immortal. Unable to die, with their never-ending lives, they took to referring to themselves like that.

They say this is an ideal town. A true utopia for ghosts.

“But is it really? Can you really call this place a utopia?”

This is Sayako, and that is her plight.

For you see, Sayako is the only one in town who doesn’t truly belong there.

All the while she is sharing a room with the mysterious new face, Yoru.

More than anything in the world, Sayako longs to return to her hometown.

To set off beyond the unfathomable vast desert of snow, beyond where nobody has ever gone.

To the home she can only dream is out there.

To be able to remember what she has forgotten: the thing she holds the dearest.

That is her dream.

“In my dreams, I can get out. In my dreams, I can fit in.”

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