Gardening simulator and combat platformer The Beauty Cult’s Nectarmancer is announced

The Beauty Cult's Nectarmancer

Work an evil job as a Nectarmancer and unlock new skills through farming in this upcoming combat platformer.

The Beauty Cult’s Nectarmancer has no release date yet, and will be available on Microsoft Windows (through Steam).

You can view the announcement and trailer below:

Indie studio The Beauty Cult unveils their upcoming gardenvania, The Beauty Cult’s NECTARMANCER. A cross-pollination of high-combat 2d platformer and cozy-core gardening sim, play as the newest conscripted Nectarmancer, Aisa, in an original science-fantasy setting dominated by a fascist theocracy that must be destroyed.

Life expectancy for the role of Nectarmancer is short, and Aisa can only survive this unforgiving world by finding unique uses for the otherworldly flora she encounters and outsmarting her evil job. By collecting seeds and planting gardens, Aisa can harvest her plants to restore health, gain weapons, and unleash powerful abilities. Over time, a shared root system emerges that acts as a planet-scale computer capable of researching new combat abilities. Throughout her explorations, Aisa learns the truth about The Throne, and must utilize her green thumb to fight back against her evil government without attracting their wrath.

Master acrobatic combat platforming in hand-crafted levels as you explore a science-fantasy world of strange creatures and gorgeous landscapes presented in naturepunk pixel art. Discover a range of useful seeds to plant, grow, pollinate, and harvest for in-game benefits. Seek out the Pale Spirit Bosses, which hold the key to unlocking powerful new nectarmancy, and research upgrades and abilities by growing your planet-scale biological computer. Use all of this to organize the labor of the people of the world, seize the means of production and introduce, not only the notion of quantum computing, but collective bargaining, as well.

Established in 2019 by Don (engineering/design) and Zac (art/design), who previously made Black Future ‘88, The Beauty Cult was founded to explore new ideas in games, driven by tight controls, innovate art styles, sci-fi narrative trends, cutting-edge gameplay, and a rejection of cynically motivated game-making. These experiments eventually became The Beauty Cult’s NECTARMANCER, which is now debuting its official trailer in anticipation of its inclusion in Realms Deep 2023. The trailer features and announces the inclusion of the incredible MEMNON SA in the OST, which will be providing a modern fantasy score and creating a world rich with psychedelic tones.



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