Galactic Civilizations III Readies for Massive “Crusade” Expansion on May 4

May the fourth be with you – oh this is the wrong franchise! Stardock Corporation is readying a massive expansion for their equally massive 4X strategy game, Galactic Civilizations 3.

The new expansion will launch on May 4th, bringing with it a custom civilization creation suite, galactic-level missions, new starbases, and more. Featured above, you can view an overview trailer for the expansion.

Players can also expect other tweaks to the game like AI improvements, re-balancing of the existing civilizations, an overhauled user-interface, and even a revamped tech tree. A price wasn’t confirmed, however you can nab the bundle of the original game and its expansion for $39.99, over on Steam.

Here are the key features for the expansion:

  • Invasions
    Conquering a world is no small task. The revamped invasion system in Crusade allows a citizen to be trained as a soldier in order to invade worlds. Strategic and challenging, invasions will require careful planning as you train your legions and determine which tile to attack first. Be careful not to forget to defend your own worlds from your enemies, too!
  • Espionage
    Smaller civilizations can keep up with their larger counterparts by training their citizens in the art of espionage. Spies can steal technologies, circulate rumors to create civil unrest, sabotage enemy worlds, or even go so far as to assassinate enemy citizens to keep their edge above the competition.
  • Galactic Citizens
    Shape the course of your civilization’s destiny with talented individuals called citizens. Choose from over a dozen unique roles – admiral, engineer, celebrity, pioneer, and more – to help your civilizations flourish. Keep your citizen on their homeworld or send them off through dangerous interstellar travel in order to help the colonies on new worlds you’ve conquered.
  • Civilization Builder
    Create a custom faction complete with leader, ideology, and abilities. You can also customize your own galactic navy and create unique conversation dialogue for your faction to use when it comes into contact with friends and enemies. The civilization builder is integrated into Steam Workshop so that you can upload your creation for other users to enjoy!
  • New Races and Civilizations
    Meet the members of the Terran Resistance, lurk deep within the bowels of the living rock of asteroids as the new Onyx Hive faction, or look down on other primitive races as the cybernetic space amoebas, the Slyne.
  • …and more!
    Build your own custom starbases, and stay on your toes and be ready to make important choices during new galactic and United Planet events. Enjoy a sleek new UI and explore the reworked tech tree system, which is now more accessible for modders.

In case you missed it – you can find our review for the original Galactic Civilizations 3 here (we highly recommend it!).



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