G-Shock announces Super Mario watch collab, launches at $150

G-Shock Mario Watch Thumbnail

Watch manufacture Casio has announced a new G-Shock watch collaboration with the Super Mario franchise.

The new G-Shock Super Mario watch will officially come out for sale on November 11th. The watch follows the same design principles of the G-Shock brand, which is designed to be taken outdoors and withstand a beating.

However, as a collaboration design, the new watch was created with a camo wrist-strap design using the familiar colors of Mario from his NES days, as well as the mustachioed plumber himself.

The watch makes the branding abundantly clear with its red and blue design, as well as small details like the koopa shell along the bottom, for good measure.

The new watch will cost $150, which is much, much cheaper in comparison to the other Mario watch done by Tag Heuer which cost $25,000. While the G-Shock watch is not officially out yet, you can preorder it through their website right now.

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