Mario Kart Watches costs an eye-watering $25,000

Tag Heuer Mario Kart Thumbnail

Tag Heuer have revealed two limited edition versions of watches themed after the Mario Kart franchise, but with a mind-blowing price tag.

One version of the Mario-themed watch tops out at a staggering $25,000 while the standard one costs a substantially less, but still a lot for most normal people at $4,300.

Tag Heuer are a premium Swiss luxury manufacturer and their new Mario Kart watch line is based on their Formula 1 watch line. This makes sense in regards to them both being related to racing, even if they come in massively different styles.

The $4,300 Chrono model will be limited to just 3,000 units, and the much more expensive Tourbillon model will be even more limited with only 250 units being produced.

While it is based on the Formula 1 models, the Mario Kart branding on these watches are obvious as well. The Chrono has Mario riding in his kart on their 9 o’clock permanent seconds indicator, while the Tourbillion has something similar, but with a blue shell item and Bullet Bill following along Mario as well.

If you’re somehow interested in these watches, they aren’t available just yet, but you can register for early access up until October 17th. Then early access will open up on October 20th for those looking to purchase one of these watches.


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