Furyu Details the Mini-Games of Shin Tennis no Oji-Sama: Go to the Top

prince of tennis 3ds Shin Tennis no Oji-Sama: Go to the Top 2015-02-05

Furyu have given us more information about the mini-games that will be in the Prince of Tennis visual novel, Shin Tennis no Oji-Sama: Go to the Top.

One of the mini-games is “Word Match Tennis”, in which players must choose the correct words that describe characters. Another is a memory game that involves remembering the order of information presented on screen. The last of the three was previously highlighted; players must massage characters in order to make them feel better.

Succeeding at the mini-games will bring the player’s character and the subject of the mini-game closer together.

You can see screenshots of the gameplay below.

Shin Tennis no Oji-Sama: Go to the Top will be available exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS on March 5, 2015, both in physical and digital form.

Thanks to Famitsu.



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