Funimation Adds Kill la Kill and More Aniplex Titles to Library

Funimation will be adding more titles from Japanese producer Aniplex to their online streaming service library, including Kill la Kill.

Funimation has revealed they will be adding multiple Aniplex titles to their library. This includes Kill la Kill, ERASED, Occultic;Nine, and parts of the Monogatari franchise. The titles have been available to watch on Funimation’s streaming service since May 12th.

You can read the full list via Funimation’s news blog below.

Monogatari series

Tsukimonogatari (Subbed in U.S./CA)
Koyomimonogatari (Subbed in U.S./CA)
Hanamonogatari (Added to the existing Monogatari Second Season page, Subbed in U.S./CA)
Bakemonogatari (Episodes 13–15, Subbed in U.S./CA/UK/IRE)

More Aniplex classics

Kill la Kill (Subbed & Dubbed in U.S./CA)
ERASED (Subbed & Dubbed in U.S./CA)
Occultic;Nine (Subbed & Dubbed in U.S./CA)”

It is worth noting that this will complete Funimation’s library in terms of the Monogatari series, which includes thirteen individual series and three films that are all part of the same story. The series began with Bakemonogatari in 2009, and concluded with Zoku Owarimonogatari in 2019. The light novels by author Nisio Isin began in 2005 and are still ongoing.

This news comes as Funimation announces more and more contributions to their library from other producers. Earlier this month we reported that Funimation announced they would be adding series from NIS America to their library.

This includes the well known magical girl series Cardcaptor Sakura, and Love Live! School Idol Project whose characters (specifically spin-off sequel Love Live! Sunshine!!) have become popular in collaborative advertising for both Japan Agriculture Nansun, and The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare.

However, the collaboration with Nishiura Mikan- a brand of mandarin oranges- drew ire for complaints from some claiming the advertisement was “sexualizing women,” despite nothing of a sexual nature appearing in the image. A shadow on the characters skirt was mistaken for underwear and a translucent skirt by some.

Image: Funimation

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