FRONT MISSION 2089: Borderscape announced

FRONT MISSION 2089: Borderscape

Square Enix has announced FRONT MISSION 2089: Borderscape, the latest entry in the 27 year old mech combat series.

FRONT MISSION 2089: Borderscape is being developed for smartphones and “multiple platforms” and is targeting a worldwide release.

FRONT MISSION 2089: Borderscape is being made by Chinese developer BlackJack Studio who has developed several SLGs (simulation games). While 2019’s Left Alive was technically the last game in the series due to its setting, 2010’s Front Mission Evolved was the last game to bear its iconic name.

Very little information on FRONT MISSION 2089: Borderscape is available at this time aside from what can be gleaned from the concept trailer included in the announcement. What is known for certain is that the game is set in the fictional Huffman Island-a previously used location in the Front Mission series.

Both advertisements and the trailer hint at a female protagonist, but nothing concrete has been stated. Lastly, the game’s website is interactive allowing one to examine different parts of a Wanzer mech to music.

An interview with Square Enix Division Director Kouichirou Sakamoto and Toshio Tsuchida, president of GCRAFT Inc. is featured in the trailer. Although a gameplay style was not announced, the fact that Tsuchida workedon Front Mission 1 through 5 in addition to Blackjack Studios history of making SLGs may suggest a return to it’s Strategy RPG origins that Evolved deviated from.

Here is the concept video for FRONT MISSION 2089: Borderscape:

Here’s a rundown on the game:

FRONT MISSION 2089: Borderscape

Front Mission is a futuristic dystopian warfare-themed game series produced and published by Square Enix. In this world, society is secretly puppeteered by a large federation composed of various countries, and constant regional conflicts have become the destructive norm. The stories about humanoid weapons and their pilots will unfold through battles intertwined with blood and tears.

Supervised by Square Enix and developed by BlackJack Studio, “Front Mission: Borderscape” is a brand-new project set in the world of Square Enix’s legendary “Front Mission” series.

The vision for this new entry, Front Mission: Borderscape, focuses on the eve of the Second Huffman War and the escalating secret regional conflict. By depicting the developmental process of the powerless under the fog of war, players will witness this world’s evolution together, using their understanding of helplessness to explore the roads to an inevitable tragedy. Front Mission: Borderscape is head-produced by BlackJack Studio, the successful developers of Langrisser Mobile. The game is slated for worldwide release on multiple platforms, including mobile.

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