Frieren is in trouble in cute mimic figure

Frieren Mimic

Frieren is in trouble in this cute figure featuring the titular elf from Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End stuck face first in a mimic.

In the series, Frieren commonly shows a lack of common sense when it comes to collecting magic spells and grimoires, to the point that she compulsively checks every treasure chest. Even chests that are known to be mimics (thanks to a spell that detects them) are checked on the 0.01% chance that the spell gave a false positive.

The figure lacks a lot of detail and moving parts, but it still conveys the iconic and cute scene from the anime, and the lack of detail means it’s a pretty affordable figure at only $26.99 USD.

The figure comes in two parts, the mimic, and a detachable Frieren in a prone position but with a satisfied look on her face (maybe the mimic had a grimoire?)

Frieren Mimic

The manga series began in 2020 and is the breakout success of writer-artist duo Kanehito Yamada and Tsukasa Abe. A two cour anime series began in Fall 2023 and ended just last month.

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End (Sousou no Frieren) follows Frieren, the mage of the Hero’s Party who goes on a journey to the edge of the world where she believes she can meet the hero Himmel who has since passed on from old age. Meanwhile Frieren notices the way time has moved on around her, due to her being an ageless elf.

The Luminasta Frieren ~in mimic~ statue is available through GoodSmile here. Preorders are available now, with an expected shipping date in early 2025.



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