Frieren and Fern 1/7 statue announced

Frieren Statue

A new statue from Design COCO featuring Frieren and Fern from Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End will open for pre-orders on October 13.

The new statue features the titular Frieren and her apprentice Fern atop a glowing magical crystal. The statue was designed by Reiko Nagasawa, the character designer and Chief Animation Director for the anime adaptation of Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End.

Frieren Design Coco

Originally announced last year, the series follows the titular Frieren who was part of the Hero’s party to defeat the demon lord. However being an elf, Frieren outlives all of her friends.

When the hero Himmel finally dies of old age, Frieren goes on a journey to Aureole where spirits dwell to hopefully meet him once more.

Along the way she’s accompanied by Fern, a young mage who was raised by the priest Heiter, and Stark who was trained by the warrior Eisen; both Heiter and Eisen were part of the Hero’s party with Himmel and Frieren.

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End premiered last week with a 2 hour special.

You can find a link to pre-order the statue from Design COCO closer to the pre-order date.




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