Friday Night Funkin’: The Full Ass Game Kickstarter Achieves $1 Million in Three Days

Friday Night Funkin': The Full-Ass Game

Friday Night Funkin’: The Full-Ass Game has reached its Kickstarter goal, and has raised $1 million USD in three days.

The game was originally developed as part of the Ludnum Dare games jam; programmed by “Ninja_Muffin99,” art by “PhantomArcade3K,” and “Evilsk8r,” and music by “Kawaisprite.” The game would later be further developed, and launched on Newgrounds on November 1st, 2020.

Players are tasked with rapid-fire rhythm gameplay, in order to keep the heart of their girlfriend and out-rap her father, mother, and other forces who would see you fail. All in the style of classic Flash games. The game is open source; allowing for modding to add more songs and characters.

The game’s popularity lead to the launch of the “Full Ass GameKickstarter on April 18th. Asking for only $60,000 USD, the game achieved $1 million USD on April 21st. The Kickstarter still has 24 days to go.

The Kickstarter promises more advanced animation, collaboration with more talent, and “software-esc features that’ll genuinely create the dream game we have in mind.” 

The game will add 20 levels (and a total of 60 songs) for the complete story, expanding upon the 4 button gameplay to “deepen the meta of the actual gameplay and give us more room to create unique levels and concepts.”

There will also implementing of cut features, cut-scenes, local 2 player, more playable characters, online leaderboards, enhanced graphics and animation, enhanced modding, being able to import MP3s for your own tracks, and translations. The web version will receive some additional levels from the full game. 

The reached stretch goals so far include a mobile build, custom character, a custom song and character sharing network, fully animated cut-scenes, a total of fifteen more levels, online multiplayer, and 10 additional freeplay characters.

Future stretch goals include the “Erect Difficulty” as the hardest difficulty; complete with remixed music and new visuals. A jovial update about the game captured some of what composer Kawaisprite’s reaction to the stretch goal being reached.

“bro we told Kawaisprite it’s looking pretty likely that we might actually hit the erect mode difficulty stretch goal, and when we all started laughing and pointing at him saying “Ha ha, now you’ll have to remix the hundreds of songs in the game! Haha, you’re have to create DOUBLE the entire sound track!” he started crying and locked himself in the bathroom like a bitch.

i just shit myself”

Other stretch goals include 10 additional levels, a PlayStation 1 port with physical copies, a cel drawn anime themed week with “crazy sakuga shit” by an anime studio, remaking Pico’s School and the unfinished Pico’s School 2 within the game, and a “nightmare” alternate universe.

Backer rewards including getting your name in the credits, digital art books, a digital copy of the game, the classic Newgrounds Pico stickers, enamel pins, The first seven level soundtrack on CD, cassette, or vinyl, exclusive poster, t-shirts, and a $9999 tier digital wallpaper that “the artist made that’s very cool.” 

Sold out rewards include a Tankman statue, main character Boyfriend figure, illustration commission from the lead artists, appearing in the background of one of the levels, creating a level into message, and your own playable character.

Friday Night Funkin’ is currently playable on Newgrounds.

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