Fortnite Streamer suspended after claiming to be a “child predator”

HydraSNZ fortnite

Twitch streamer HydraSZN made edgy jokes while playing Fortnite, and that joke has led to big consequences.

During a firefight in Fortnite, the streamer has said the following:

The streamer also posted a picture of a Twitch e-mail that stated his account would now have a permanent warning, confusing it with a ban notice.

As of right now, the streamer has received a 30 day suspension, with no word on Twitch’s part if it will be escalated into a ban or not.

The streamer has said the following on Twitter:

I deserve the hate for making a dumb joke, but if twitch bans me for this. They might as well ban literally thousands of other streamers.

I don’t deserve an indefinite ban, twitch is my job, and my childhood dream and I was finally succeeding. Unban me twitch. #FreeHydra

HydraSZN has resorted to streaming on Kick for now, another live-streaming platform similar to Twitch.



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