Forever Entertainment Announce Agreement for “Several Remakes” for Square Enix

Forever Entertainment Square Enix Remakes

Forever Entertainment have announced they have agreed to work on “several remakes” for Square Enix.

Forever Entertainment explain that the game would not be revealed before its global marketing campaign launches. Forever Entertainment will receive more than 50% of revenue from revenues from the games (or game revenue) on all platforms, while covering the cost of the contract. No developer was revealed at this time.

Thanks to machine translation (translation: DeepL), the press release statement seems to alternate between discussing a singular game, and several games. The translation via Google Translate also offered similar English text.

Forever Entertainment state they are working on “several remakes of games based on one brand” owned by Square Enix, the rest of the press release discusses “the game” as though it were singular. This may imply a collection of titles.

While it is logical to assume that Square Enix would typically ask for a remake of a single title in a series (then ask for more if sales are good), the above would further imply a collection of titles from a series that has multiple well-received entries.

A collection of titles would also suggest all the games in that series having similar gameplay and graphical styles; or that a remake from the ground up could unify those elements. However, there is always the chance the use of “the game” may be a quirk of machine translation.

Forever Entertainment are most recently known for publishing Panzer Dragoon: Remake and Panzer Dragoon II Zwei: Remake (developed by MegaPixel Studio), though their catalog typically includes original indie games.

Square Enix remakes and remasters are also something that has been increasingly common. Including Final Fantasy VII Remake, SaGa Frontier Remastereda remaster of Legend of Mana, and the Trials of Mana remake.

Is there any classic Square Enix, SquareSoft, or Enix titles you’d like to see remade? Sound off in the comments below!

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