Flork of Cows is making a VTuber agency

Flork of Cows

Artist Flork of Cows who’s known for his sockpuppet style comics and original characters like Connecticut Clark and Mr. Business has announced a new VTuber agency: Socks VTubing.

Originally, the company appears to have started as a joke after Flork posted a meme with an assortment of random VTuber characters with traits such as:

After a positive response from fans, Flork ominously stated “I bet I could make this work”.

Since then, a new Twitter account promoting the VTuber company has been made, and auditions have been opened. The auditions have a mix of serious and less-serious questions but it seems like this is an honest attempt to get a VTuber group off the ground.

Disclosure: Niche Gamer is Twitter mutuals with Flork of Cows.


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