Anime TTRPG Fledge Witch: The Magical Apprentices of Elemeria launches Kickstarter

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LionWing have launched the Kickstarter campaign for their anime magical fantasy tabletop RPG Fledge Witch: The Magical Apprentices of Elemeria.

Impressively at the time of writing, the campaign has already achieved its goal of $10,000 within its first hour.

The tabletop game has already been released in Japan, where it saw massive success and sold out within days. For the English release, LionWing plan on adding more scenarios and even new artwork from lead illustrator Amenomachi.

Here’s a rundown of the game:

In the enchanting realm of Elemeria, witches are entrusted with the secret knowledge of mana and with the duty of keeping it circulating throughout the land. Mindful of past catastrophes caused by those who envied their magical power, witches live far from civilization, deep in the wilderness. But they cannot live forever, nor can they allow their knowledge to end with them. Which is why every witch takes apprentices, who live and study with them for as long as is necessary.

In Fledge Witch, one player takes the role of the witch, similar to a gamemaster in other RPGs, and directs the game session while also roleplaying the witch. The other players become apprentices under the tutelage of that witch and, together, strive to master the secrets of magic, facing challenges and seeking their mentor’s praise along the way.

With each roll of the dice, the fate of the apprentices is determined, but their knowledge, support of one another, and the unwavering encouragement of their teacher ensure that even in failure, their efforts are celebrated. This is a wholesome and heartwarming RPG for players of all ages and skill levels.

Fledge Witch: The Magical Apprentices of Elemeria is expected to come out in English sometime in 2024.



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