Fireshine games is set to publish dungeon management roguelike The Deadly Path

The Deadly Path

Become the lord of your own dungeon and appease your dark god in The Deadly Path.

The Deadly Path has no release date yet, and will be available on Microsoft Windows (through Steam).

You can view the announcement and trailer below:

Become the overlord of an occult dungeon and survive a world of eldritch horrors and forbidden rituals in The Deadly Path, a unique base building roguelike strategy game coming soon to PC.

Developed by Owlskip Enterprises and published by Fireshine Games, the publishing team behind indie hits Core Keeper, Shadows of Doubt and more, The Deadly Path is a challenging yet rewarding building and resource management game that tasks players with constructing a formidable base, defending against relentless raiders, and orchestrating the construction of a powerful idol to appease their dark god.

Starting in the era of darkness, you must utilise an intuitive building system to excavate entombed tiles and create a labyrinthine network of walls, traps, and defensive structures within your occult dungeon. As you expand your base, you will uncover Ancient Ruins, Boneyards & Iron Veins, and strategically place resource generators to enrich your stockpiles. Populate your buildings with the monstrous servants at your disposal and advance through the ages to bring your dark lord into being and ensure the expansion of your malevolent domain.

Will you harness the forbidden knowledge and emerge as the harbinger of darkness, or will your base crumble beneath the weight of your enemies?

“The Deadly Path is a compelling hybrid of resource and building management with intuitive roguelike strategy,” said Joe Goddard-Howell, Junior Product Manager at Fireshine Games. “With its ‘one more go’ appeal and innovative approach to dungeon building, it’s easy to become mesmerised by its gameplay and lose hours to the game at a time. We’re very confident that The Deadly Path is a game that fans of deep strategic roguelikes will enjoy, and look forward to revealing more on the game in the months ahead.”

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