Royal Armouries to display Final Fantasy XVI sword at Tower of London

Final Fantasy XVI Royal Armouries Thumbnail

The Royal Armouries have announced a major collaborative event with Final Fantasy XVI where they will have Invictus, the signature sword of the game’s protagonist on display for one month starting June 20th at the Tower of London.

The Royal Armouries is the UK’s national collection of historical arms and armor, where they hold items of great historical importance such as the weapons and armor used by previous leaders such as King Charles I and King Henry VIII.

This will mark the first time a weapon from a video game will be featured within such a prestigious museum, where people will be able to see a replica of Clive’s sword besides the many other pieces of the UK’s long history.

Here’s a trailer announcing and showcasing the display:

Final Fantasy XVI launches June 22nd, 2023 for PlayStation 5.



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