Final Fantasy XVI newest trailer is done and coming soon, says producer

Final Fantasy XVI

Producer Naoki Yoshida is teasing the next trailer for Final Fantasy XVI is coming soon, following news that development on the game is “in the final stages.”

Now a mere week after he made that statement, Yoshida has now revealed that the next trailer for the game is done. All there is to do is for the trailer to actually be released, which is to be soon and was delayed due to certain factors.

He discussed this during the NieR Re[in]carnation livestream (via Games Jouhou). During this discussion he also talked about the Uniqlo interview that started off this ordeal in the first place.

Apparently his words got him some ire from the US marketing team, who sent him what he called a ‘cold email’. Considering the reaction, it’s probable that the company would’ve preferred to have announced the game’s impending completion themselves to garner hype.

Here’s our translation on the exchange between Yoshida and Saito:

Yoshida: “We said the next information release is in the spring. I was told ‘How long is your spring going to last?’

Saito: “Because we said that the Final Fantasy XIV collaboration for NieR Re[in]carnation would be in early summer, and that’s already next week. It’s a mix of spring and early summer right now.”

Yoshida: “No, no, no…the trailer is already done. For some reasons, we had to move it up. I think it will be out soon.”

Saito: “I’ve already seen the other ones. I’m really impressed by what the team has done.”

Yoshida: “They were almost cracking up, weren’t they? They were like, “Wow, you made this!’ But the effort of the development team was tremendous. We are going to play through the game, polish it, debug it, and optimize it thoroughly, and we are going to take a little longer. It’s already taking shape, so yes. I’m going to spend more time on that.”

Final Fantasy XVI was first announced back in 2020, where little information has since been revealed about the game. More recently it was announced the game would be delayed by “almost half a year” due to issues relating to the pandemic.

Before this, Yoshida had mentioned the game would not be shown at Tokyo Game Show 2021 that he wanted the game to be out not too long after the next announcement.

Given this news, it appears he may be getting his wish if Final Fantasy XVI’s development has moved along as well as he says it has.



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