Final Fantasy XVI Producer Jokes About No Appearance at Tokyo Game Show 2021, Doesn’t Want to String Fans Along with Bits of Info

Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy XVI producer Naoki Yoshida has hinted at the pressure to present something for Tokyo Game Show 2021 as deadlines loom.

Yoshida is also the director on MMO Final Fantasy XIV, and briefly discussed XVI during the 7th 14-hour Broadscast; which otherwise discussed upcoming content in Endwalker. Speaking with NieR Automata producer Yosuke Saito and director Yoko Taro, Yoshida explained his fears of having something ready to show before the deadline for Tokyo Game Show 2021.

The tone of the conversation would seem to indicate Yoshida was joking about the game not appearing, or at the very least is not intending for it to not be ready in time. Such an important announcement would typically come through more official channels, or Square Enix quickly putting the lid on such candid comments.

As Saito points out on the other hand, Square Enix would likely keep any new trailer a surprise for maximum impact.

You can find the segment with third-party translation below.

Yoshida: “We really want to show something for Tokyo Game Show 2021, but we probably can’t make that deadline. [Laughs]”

Taro: “Isn’t that news in itself? That you can’t make the deadline for TGS?”

Yoshida: “We definitely want to show it, but isn’t it better if when we do, you can play it right after?”

Taro: “I see.”

Yoshida: “I personally don’t like it when small bits of info is released to string people along. I talked about this with the team and Director [Hiroshi Takai]-san. We want to reveal something where people will say ‘I want to play it NOW! Release it NOW!’ and we can reply ‘Sure, here you go!’ I know, as a company they want us to show it at TGS at the very least.”

Saito then joked with Yoshida about how “now everyone is going to be disappointed about TGS! Since you just told everyone the new Final Fantasy won’t be there.” Yoshida hastens to add that even when Square Enix revealed their E3 line-up, they had some surprises.

Saito jokes that people are expecting the game to appear at Tokyo Game Show as a surprise, while Yoshida faux-insisted that it would not. Taro chimes in, asking “Then should I do something about it instead of you?”


From the official website regarding Final Fantasy XVI‘s world and characters; we know the world has giant crystals that grant people magic. However, a blight spreading across the land threatens the uneasy peace between nations. The world also has Dominants; those who can summon powerful creatures.

Whether these Dominants are treated as royalty, feared, or used, all are forced into their fate as a Dominant. Clive Rosfield was expected to inherit the power of the Phoenix Dominant, but it instead went to his younger brother Joshua.

Clive then began to search for a new purpose, learning how to use a sword. Becoming a guard for Joshua, Clive’s new purpose was cut short by the dark Eikon Ifrit, “setting him on a dangerous road to revenge.”

In addition to this, Yoshida also hinted in an interview that the game would be “a fantasy for those who grew up with Final Fantasy, and also know the harsh reality of the world.” He also hinted at a mode for those who “want to focus on the story.”

Final Fantasy XVI is currently in development for PlayStation 5.

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