Final Fantasy XVI Dubbed in British English First, Japanese Later

Final Fantasy XVI British English

Producer Naoki Yoshida has revealed Final Fantasy XVI was dubbed in British English first, with the Japanese dub coming later in development.

In an interview with WasyaganaTV (transcript via GamesTalk, translation: DeepL), Yoshida discussed the dubbing process for Final Fantasy XIV (which he is also the Producer and Director of). He explained as he writes the text, but to avoid “double-directing” and becoming to commanding, he never attends voice recordings.

Yoshida was then asked about Final Fantasy XVI, and he revealed he will not attend the voice recordings for that either. He is at scenario meetings, suggesting what lines would be better suited from different character’s perspectives.

However, Yoshida also reveals that the game was recorded with British English voice acting first, after facial motion capture.

“This time, English was used first. I was particularly particular about recording in British English.
Also, I had to shoot facial expressions. I can’t do facial expressions by hand for each cut scene. In fact, this time I had to do a full facial… I had to have all the captures done, and then I had to have the voice acting done. Well, not all the cutscenes. That’s one of the reasons why I’m making the most progress in English. Japanese is coming soon.

Screenshots of the game thus far have suggested the game takes place in a medieval European-style world, or at least the initial nations the player visits. Dialogue in Final Fantasy XIV also featured a mostly British English sounding dub, and older English terms; such as “gaol” for jail (along with fictitious ones).

As previously reported; we know the Final Fantasy XVI features a world has giant crystals that grant people magic. However, a blight spreading across the land threatens the uneasy peace between nations. The world also has Dominants; those who can summon powerful creatures.

Whether these Dominants are treated as royalty, feared, or used, all are forced into their fate as a Dominant. Clive Rosfield was expected to inherit the power of the Phoenix Dominant, but it instead went to his younger brother Joshua.

Clive then began to search for a new purpose, learning how to use a sword. Becoming a guard for Joshua, Clive’s new purpose was cut short by the dark Eikon Ifrit, “setting him on a dangerous road to revenge.”

In addition to this, Yoshida also hinted in an interview that the game would be “a fantasy for those who grew up with Final Fantasy, and also know the harsh reality of the world.” He also hinted at a mode for those who “want to focus on the story.” 

In a later interview, Yoshida also stated he did not want to string fans along with bits of information. He also joked about not having anything to present at Tokyo Game Show 2021, as deadlines loomed.

Final Fantasy XVI is currently in development for PlayStation 5.

Image: Twitter, Wikipedia



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