Final Fantasy XIV is charging $12 for a cleavage window

Final Fantasy XIV Iceheart's Apparel

Final Fantasy XIV announced a new set of premium cash shop apparel.

The apparel available on the cash shop is purely cosmetic and often allows players to cosplay as their favorite lore characters. This time, the new “Iceheart’s Attire” lets people dress as the popular character from A Realm Reborn and Heavensward.

There’s just one problem: Iceheart largely wears equipment available in the game already.

Users were quick to point out that Iceheart’s Attire pretty much exists already. Not only that, but it’s free and dyeable too to customize colors.



Now, to be fair it is slightly different. The Direwolf Robe of casting has a bandolier instead of two diamond-shaped boob windows and it can only be used by offensive spellcasting classes.

So while some fans might consider this outfit lazy, it gives other classes a chance to wear Iceheart’s outfit. If you’re a Black Mage you can still get it for the boob windows.

This isn’t the first time a Final Fantasy XIV cash shop item landed the company in trouble. Earlier this year the Saami Council decried a particular outfit for appropriation.

Iceheart’s Attire is available on the FFXIV Mog Station cash shop here for $12 USD.

Final Fantasy XIV is available now for the Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Microsoft Windows (through Steam), and soon Xbox Series X/S. You can check out our review of the latest expansion Endwalker here.

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