Final Fantasy XIV has plans for “brand new” jobs, says its producer

Final Fantasy XIV "Brand New" Jobs Thumbnail

With Final Fantasy XIV being more popular than ever, its team keeps making new content for the game – including new jobs never seen before in the Final Fantasy franchise.

Game producer Naoki Yoshida talked up the potential new jobs in a new interview, although details are scant.

The new interview (via We Are Vana’diel) had Yoshi-P tease jobs that “haven’t appeared in the Final Fantasy series before” will be making their way into the game over time. Though he also made sure to mention the challenges the team faces in these attempts.

The main problem for them simply adding in jobs for Final Fantasy XIV comes from the restrictions on how his team works on an MMO. Since “gameplay experience needs to match their pre-established design”, other things such as a new job can’t be a superior version of one that already exists.

However, the interviewer also talked to Akihiko Matsui, who is also the producer for Final Fantasy XI, who agreed on Yoshi-P’s remarks and added that it is a “rule of design” that new expansions comes with a new job or race as a main feature. So most assuredly as Final Fantasy XIV continues to live on, it’s likely a guarantee that jobs never seen before in the franchise will arrive.

In related news, Final Fantasy XI won’t be shutting down anytime soon, despite going on strong for 20 years now. From this we can envision that Final Fantasy XIV will have a long life with lots of new content.



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