Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier TGS 2021 Gameplay Shows Jobs in Action

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier

Square Enix have revealed more gameplay for Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier at Tokyo Game Show 2021, showing the various Jobs in action.

As previously reported, the game was revealed to be a mobile battle royale game set 30 years before the events of Final Fantasy VII; with players being candidates for SOLDIER. The new trailer showcases the origins of Project 0; the beginnings of the SOLDIER project.

Players will have access to weapons, vehicles, and Chocobos as they roam the map; along with several Jobs. Each Job has a melee weapon and magics, along with guns they can find.

Warriors unleash a flurry of sword swipes, while Sorcerers wield a staff and seem to be able to buff their magic with their special ability. Monks pummel in hand-to-hand, and can create a zone to heal allies.

Rangers have daggers, and can scan the environment to find foes. One of the biggest surprises is the Ninja class; clearly influenced Yuffie.

It seems despite the war with Wutai, Shinra will not let a good opportunity go to waste; training prospective SOLDIERS in using giant throwing stars and teleporting across the map. Shinra have even seemingly built an area based upon Wutai.

Even individual jobs seem as though they’ll have other special abilities to choose from as well; such as summoning barriers, jumping high into the sky, and running up walls. Players may even be able to use powerful Summons to aid them, or need to take them down for rewards.

You can find the Tokyo Game Show trailer below.

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier launches 2021 on Android, and iOS.

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