Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’s most famous scene will have a “big surprise”

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

The director for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the next entry in the Final Fantasy VII remake series, teased the game’s most famous scene will have a “big surprise.”

Director Naoki Hamaguchi teased the change up while being interviewed by Thai game website Gamebrott at Thailand Game Show 2023.

The shocking moment between Aerith, Sephiroth, and Cloud in the original Final Fantasy VII was brought up and the site asked if there would be any changes to that scene.

“So that question and for all the gamers regarding the ‘you-know-what’ moment, we can confirm that we will have a ‘big surprise’,” Hamaguchi said. “So you can look forward to that in the game.”

For those unaware, the first installment in the Final Fantasy VII remake was heavily criticized over its inclusion of “spirits” that were trying to stop characters from doing things they didn’t do in the original game (along with other elements not present in the original).

Many hypothesized that the game is perhaps taking place in a separate timeline from the original game, and that Aerith is aware of how things are meant to actually go, possibly leading to her making it out of a certain encounter.

Elsewhere in the interview, the iconic mini-games found throughout the game, most especially the Gold Saucer, were also brought up. Hamaguchi confirmed the mini-games are returning but one won’t be included until the third and (hopefully) final game.

“So the mini games in Gold Saucer will still be maintained in this game,” Hamaguchi said. “But some mini games like Snowboard are still inaccessible considering the storyline in this game covers up to the Forgotten Capital location. We will include them in the next game.”

He added, “[…] We will maintain your extraordinary experience and impression of the Gold Saucer location with many mini games. In addition, other mini games are not limited to Gold Saucer, but you can also find them in various locations when running or after completing Side Missions in the game. So after FFVII Rebirth is released, Gold Saucer will still retain many mini games there.”

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is set to launch on February 29th, 2024, for PS5.



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