Final Fantasy 16 guide – Where to find Sephiroth’s sword

Although it won’t be until late in Final Fantasy 16, it’s possible to find Sephiroth’s iconic sword Masamune in a hidden location.

The sword was used by Sephiroth throughout Final Fantasy VII and is easily recognized by the incredible long and narrow blade it uses.

Where to find Sephiroth’s sword

  • After completing the Main Story quest “Footfalls in Ash“, you’ll have access to the continent of Ash where the sword can be found.
  • In the Kingdom of Waloed region, you’ll find a swampy landmark called The Angry Gap.
  • You’ll find a large bridge bisecting the swamp and on the west side of that bridge you’ll find a wall to the south.
  • Search the wall and you’ll find a crack that you can climb inside of to enter a secret area.
  • Once inside, you’ll find a Chronolith Challenge called The Hand of Rhea.
  • There will be an obelisk in the chamber and next to it you’ll find Masamune, the sword of Sephiroth.

Stat-wise, Masamune is among the best weapons in the game and will help carry players through mid-late game content.

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