Fatal Frame: The Movie coming to Blu-Ray with English subs

Fatal Frame: The Movie

Fatal Frame: The Movie is finally coming to Blu-Ray in North America with English subtitles.

The 2014 film originally saw a limited theatrical release in North America back in 2018, but now fans of J-Horror and the Fatal Frame series can get their hands on the movie.

Loosely related to the game franchise from Koei Tecmo, the movie is based on a novelization of the franchise by Eiji Otsuka and follows an original story not found in the games.

In an all-girls Catholic school, an urban legend spreads around the school that kissing a certain photograph at midnight will lead to your death.

You can check out the trailer for Fatal Frame: The Movie below:

The new Blu-Ray is coming from Discotek Media, an anime distribution company focused on bringing Japanese media to the west. Discotek focuses on bringing older and more niche titles to broader audiences in North America.

Discotek Media came to wider attention after announcing the release of the “lost” Project A-Ko movie.

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