Discotek Media to Release Project A-Ko Using Original Master Film

Project A-ko

Discotek Media has canceled their original plans to release an upscaled version of Project A-Ko after getting access to the original 35mm film which was thought to be lost.

Discotek Media announced the rediscovery of the original film and their intention to use it in their upcoming Blu-Ray release of Project A-Ko during their “Super Discotek Day” online event.

According to Discotek Media, the film hadn’t exactly been lost but had instead been inaccessible due to a clerical error. Thanks to software engineer and anime fan Robert Woodhead, the film was rediscovered after solving the clerical error and properly archiving the film.

Project A-Ko is a comedy film that focuses on the titular A-ko Magami. Despite having superhuman strength and speed, A-ko simply wants to get her homework done for school but keeps encountering surreal situations like giant robots attacking.

Discotek Media provided a link to YouTube user Ashura who has uploaded a clip from the master film of Project A-Ko and using modern technology viewers are able to readily watch it in 4K.

Discotek Media is a Florida-based publisher committed to licensing and releasing anime in North America. They’ve released multiple series and films from the 70s, 80s, and 90s including 1994’s Genocyber.



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