Comfy Fantasy City Builder Arclands Launches Kickstarter Campaign


The fantasy city builder title Arclands from German developer Jon Keller has just launched its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

Arclands has players take on the role of a powerful wizard, who the peasantry flock to for protection. A small camp builds around the player’s tent, which eventually grow into a small town as the peasants thrive under the wizard’s protection.

Gameplay is a combination of citybuilder and RPG. The playable wizard exists as a “persistent character,” and maintains a central role in the village. Meanwhile RTS elements like commanding troops to support the wizard also play a role.

The Kickstarter is asking for €40,000 EUR ($46,999.20 USD), with stretch goals adding new biomes, expanding the soundtrack, improving existing content, unrevealed expansions to the content, additional language options (German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French), and unrevealed further goals.

Backer Rewards include Discord Roles, a digital copy of the game, digital soundtrack, digital art book, the backer’s name in the game, early access to the game, an animal of the backer’s choice added to the game, a character added that resembles the backer, an NPC of the backer’s choice, the backer’s name in the credits in a “shiny font,” and backer names on an in-game statue.

The rewards are expected to be delivered in January 2023, which may be the game’s speculative release date. Platforms were not mentioned at this time.

You can find the Kickstarter trailer below.

You can find a summary of the game and project from the official website below.

Survive and establish your city

Being the Head Wizard of a settlement is not easy. Create a buzzing village and become a powerful enough wizard to defend it in this RPG inspired city builder!

About Arclands

Build Your RPG Village

  • Design and build your dream RPG village
  • Ensure a thriving economy and keep your citizens happy
  • Attract more citizens and grow your village to a mighty city

Defend Against Evil

  • Learn mighty spells and blast enemies away
  • Defend your settlement with many different traps and towers
  • Recruit a diverse set of Soldiers with unique strengths and weaknesses.

Explore the Arclands

  • Uncover rare resources and artefacts and bring them back home
  • Find inhabitants that want to join your village and recruit them
  • Explore three biomes with different treasure, enemies and secrets

Image: Arclands official website

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