Fan translators mock those who want faithful translations

Fan translators

Fan translators have begun showing they bare little difference from official “localizers”, as a Twitter user recently revealed what they think about people who want faithful translations.

A short conversion between two fan translators was found on social media, with both of them ridiculing those who want accurate fan translations due to official localizations often including both inaccuracies and insertion of irrelevant “jokes” or even “politics”:

There are various examples of video games and anime in the past boasting translations that are not accurate with the source material and often contain the aforementioned inaccuracies or inserted jokes/politics.

Prison School had a reference to Gamergate back in the day when the original Japanese made no such mention. There’s other nonsense inserted into other shows such as Hajimete no Gal, Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon, and Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai.

Funimation was usually the source behind this bastardization of the source material, as they would insert their own “hilarious jokes”, equate loli to pedophilia, and inject words such as “misogynist” into scripts.

Localizers would often brag about their horribly mistranslated creations or go on tirades defending the use of inaccurate slang.

Many are hopeful that, with the advanced development of AI, such fan translators and localizers will no longer be needed to understand said media (save for merely learning Japanese instead).

Here’s a selection of comments addressing this:

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