Experience the Pixelated Passion of the Christ in the Jesus Christ RPG Trilogy


Whole Tone Games have put their Jesus Christ RPG holy trinity of games onto Steam Greenlight.

The games cover the birth, life, (spoilers) death and the eventual (even more spoilers) resurrection of Jesus Christ, as told in the Bible. The game starts off with Baby Jesus Christ RPG, followed by Jesus Christ RPG, and finally comes to a conclusion in the glorious return of the messiah himself in Rise Jesus Christ RPG.

It’s hard to tell from just the trailers and screenshots alone if this is a proper adaptation of Biblical scriptures, a parody game, or if this is simply a low-budget RPG Maker game. Perhaps a combination of all three? My favorite bit so far is seeing Judas Iscariot’s class being listed as “traitor.” It’s the little things, right?

To be clear, these games will be entirely free when and if they make it onto Steam proper.

You can find Jesus Christ RPG here on Steam Greenlight.

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