Exoprimal preview – Dino Crisis meets Overwatch


Capcom recently ran three closed network tests for Exoprimal, the first of which had a run time of two hours. This gave enough time for six matches of the “Dino Survival” game mode, this mode sends players into a PVE-PVP (5vs5) mode of random of objectives.

Some of the objectives will include eliminating one dino to thousands, escorting an item, collecting a certain number of energy pack, and then end in a PVP scenario. After two matches of “Dino Survival” the last activity was a co-op mode where all ten players will fight a giant dino.

Following the previous tests, Capcom released their third test which had a 24 hour test window and included the new assault unit “Barrage”, a Exosuit which excels at using explosives and incendiaries in close quarters combat.

Each player was able to choose between five Exosuits: Deadeye, Zephyr, Roadblock, Witchdoctor, and Barrage. The suit have unique personalities along with the power sets like the heroes from “Overwatch.” You can switch between the suits at any point in the match in case you need to have a different unit for the new objective.

I did try a few methods to see if the game would crash such as using Roadblock to take on a storm of raptors in the second match on the highest graphic settings, setting off many explosions with Deadeye, paralyzing multiple dinosaurs with Witchdoctor, but the game held strong during the tests.

I will say Capcom has constructed the online system for Exoprimal with great care compared to some of their older IPs in the past few years. As for controller support, Exoprimal gave me no issues with the Xbox One X controller on PC, I did test a PS4 and PS5 controller on the next session to make sure everything is supported.

I did run into some driver issues with the PS5 controller, but that might have something with my current PC rig. Regardless, Sony fans you shouldn’t have anything to worry about on launch day.

One more thing to note I never ran into any environmental or physics issues when climbing buildings or random objects throughout any of the matches I played. Here is hoping Capcom will allow us to try out the other Exosuits and support equipment in the next round of beta sessions (if there are any in future).

I will also credit the enemy AI programmers a lot of credit, some of the special dino units will prioritize certain players, this was shown off by one session where many of the sniper dinos singled me out for healing during a raptor storm, which resulted in my death three times.

Even the mini-boss dinos will prioritize key team members, such as taking out a Roadblock that might be holding back a few hundred raptors, so when playing keep an eye on your fellow Exo pilots and surroundings.

Also note when you are in control of the mini-boss dino (Devastator) be sure not to waste this powerful gear, you are allotted 60 seconds to turn the tide against the enemy team.

The Exoprimal online experience was very smooth overall for the first test, I was worried about framerate issues when the game would put you up against a 1,000 to 2,000 dino storm to eliminate in the later part of the matches.

There were a few minor spikes here and there when dealing with the exploding enemy types, but nothing else hindered my experience. One player did get disconnected during the last match but that may have due to Capcom shutting the test down.

Also during the third session there seemed to be some frame drops during the loading process for all players, which seems to be caused by the “water teleport” effects. I’m sure this will be address before the final release.

Some final thoughts – Exoprimal has great potential to be Capcom’s next Dino Crisis. This game will be great chill game for many that enjoy the Overwatch style gameplay.

I just hope they’re taking the time and care needed for this new IP venture just like they have for Monster Hunter, Street Fighter, and Resident Evil in these recent years. See you when the game launches fellow Exo Pilots.

Exoprimal is set to launch in 2023 across Windows PC (via Steam), Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.



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