Tripwire’s ex-CEO tells Tucker Carlson that cancel culture “destroyed” him


Tripwire Interactive co-founder John Gibson went on Tucker Carlson Tonight to explain his departure from the company, blaming the entire fiasco on what he coined as “social terrorism.”

Gibson said his resignation from the company in 2021 left him “destroyed”, that cancel culture is a one-way street generally only affecting those with conservative views.

The former Tripwire boss tweeted support of a new Texas law that effectively banned abortions after an unborn child’s heartbeat can be heard, which is usually around 6 weeks after conception.

“Proud of U.S. Supreme Court affirming the Texas law banning abortion for babies with a heartbeat,” he said in a tweet. “As an entertainer I don’t get political often. Yet with so many vocal peers on the other side of this issue, I felt it was important to go on the record as a pro-life game developer.”

Gibson’s public support of the Texas heartbeat bill got widespread scorn from the majority of gaming websites and pundits, as well as other big names in the industry. For most of them, there is no stance outside of being completely in support of murdering unborn babies.

“I call it social terrorism. It is an effort to use fear and intimidation to cause people to change,” Gibson said.

He added, “Either hide or pretend that they’re not what they are, really, so that they can keep their jobs, so they can keep their status. And I just think that’s just a terrible thing for the world.”

When asked if there was anyone at Tripwire that stood up for Gibson in the wake of a coordinated outrage campaign, the former boss said a “fairly senior” staff was defending him – but ultimately both she and Gibson were outnumbered.

Gibson also revealed that another one of the co-founders of Tripwire shares very similar beliefs to him, including thinking abortion is wrong.

“Other people that agreed, they’re afraid to speak up. They don’t want to be next. I had one of the other owners of the company, politically we’re very very aligned. He thinks cancel culture is bad, he thinks abortion is bad, and he said, ‘Yeah, I don’t want to be cancelled next.'”

Here’s a part of Tucker’s interview with Gibson:

“That’s how this social terrorism works,” Gibson said. “You make people scared, you make their jobs more difficult, you make them worry that people are going to leave the company if they don’t throw the person who disagreed with their political positions out of the boat. She really couldn’t overcome the wave of sentiment of the other folks.”

Gibson recollected what he said to his wife as everything went down with his departure from Tripwire.

“I said ‘I just want to die.’ Because I don’t want to live in a world that’s this unjust,” he said. “I got depressed, I got angry, suicidal, not wanting to leave the house. Yeah. It destroyed me. I have lived through thirteen months of hell.”



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