Everwild Drops XB1 Version for Xbox Series X+S, New Trailer

Publisher Microsoft and developer Rare have announced they’re dropping the Xbox One version for Everwild for the Xbox Series X+S, alongside sharing a new trailer.

The game will no longer come to Xbox One, instead it’s coming to Xbox Series X+S and Windows PC.

Everwild is the latest title from developer Rare; known for the Banjo-Kazooie series, and their most recent release Sea of Thieves. While mostly known for their older platformers, Rare has delved into online adventure games in recent years after their acquisition by Microsoft in 2002.

It is difficult to say what sort of game Everwild will be, as the trailer appears to not show any gameplay. However what does appear is a fantasy world rife with some kind of druidic spiritualism. Shepherds in flowing clothes are shown herding animals, and performing magical rituals to both ward and revive nature.

You can watch the showcase trailer below.

“Everwild is a brand new IP from Rare. A Unique and unforgettable experience await in a natural and magical world.”

Everwild is coming soon to Windows PC and Xbox One.

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