European Parliament approve action against loot boxes, address gender imbalance, and more

Loot boxes

Loot boxes have not only been a controversial topic among gamers, but have also garnered the attention of governments who compared them to gambling.

Now, the European Parliament has officially voted in favor of having the European Commission investigate them, along with other things such as gaming addiction and gold farming.

The EU Parliament voted (via Games Industry) on adopting a report led by MEP Adriana Maldonado López, which makes several recommendations in tackling the issues.

Suggestions from the Parliament include using the Pan European Game Information (PEGI) rating system to provide transparency, and “investigating whether gold-farming can be linked to financial crimes and human rights abuses”.

Loot boxes aren’t the only part in which the report covers. It also wishes to “[improve] the gender imbalance on the industry’s workforce”, and recognize the “potential to help with education, mental health and other aspects of life”.

While the European Parliament encompasses larges swaths of Europe, other countries have already taken their own actions against loot boxes.

For example, Belgium famously banned the practice from sale in their country, and other countries such as the US and UK have considered doing the same.

However, how effective those laws have also come into question more recently. According to reports, Belgium’s laws have actually been ineffective in actually banning them from sale.



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