Episode Four of Sonic Mania Adventures Now Available

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Sega has released the fourth episode for Sonic Mania Adventures. During the credits, some gameplay footage of Ray the Squirrel and Mighty the Armadillo in Sonic Mania Plus can be seen.

Here’s a rundown on the episode, which you can find above:

Ray the Flying Squirrel has been looking for his best friend, Mighty the Armadillo, but he can’t find him anywhere! As he continues his search, he hears something nearby. Could this finally be Mighty, or is it something far more dangerous?

*Shameless Plug Alert*: Our licensing team would also like you to know they’ve just released another new piece of exclusive Sonic Mania Adventures merch on the SEGA Shop! Check it out at shop.sega.com.

And finally, a huge thank you to everyone who made this become a reality. There’s only one more part left to go – watch what unfolds in Part 5, arriving next month!

Sonic Mania is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch. In case you missed it, you can find our review for Sonic Mania here (we absolutely love and recommend the game!). Sonic Mania Plus is set to release for the same systems on July 17th, 2018

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