Epic Games Store and Fortnite coming to iOS and Android in 2024

Epic Games Store

Epic Games has announced they’re bringing their Epic Games Store to smartphone devices on both iOS and Android sometime later this year, ending both platforms monopoly on apps and downloads.

The Epic Games Store is coming to both iOS and Android before the end of this year – news confirmed by Epic Games Store GM Steve Allison at GDC 2024.

The mobile version of the Epic Games Store will naturally feature their golden goose, Fortnite, which hasn’t been allowed on iOS or Android since all three companies got into a legal bout over fees and other things.

Alongside the Epic Games’ crown jewel Fortnite will be a “selection of third-party partners” that have shown interest in joining them when they launch on both iOS and Android.

Just like the Windows PC version of the Epic Games Store, anyone that releases titles via the store on smartphones will get a more aggressive 88/12 revenue share, with Unreal Engine royalties waived too.

Epic Games was essentially blocked from having Fortnite on Apple’s App Store or Google’s Google Play Store after they added and in-game payment system that dodged both platforms 30% fee, which certain developers are required to pay for in-app purchases.

After having their main money maker removed from the two most popular smartphone platforms Epic Games naturally began lawsuits with both companies/platforms. These lawsuits plus new regulations passed in the European Union have forced Apple and Google to lift restrictions.

It’s worth pointing out this is Epic Games touting a 2024 launch for their Epic Games Store on both iOS and Android. It remains to be seen if Fortnite will only be playable in their store app (likely) and if more legal hiccups don’t delay the store launch.

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