Endzone – A World Apart new DLC Distant Places is available

Endzone - A World Apart

Assemble Entertainment and Gentlymad Studios have released Endzone – A World Apart: Distant Places, the latest DLC pack for their post-apocalyptic city building game.

Endzone – A World Apart: Distant Places is set several hundred years after the base game. Humanity has begun to regain their foothold on a ruined Earth, and now wish to reach out to other survivors in distant lands.

The DLC adds new story-driven scenarios based around sending expeditions to faraway lands, each with their own unique challenges and potential rewards. Use hot air balloons to reach distant regions, unlock new buildings, and acquire seeds for exotic plants like bananas and coconuts.

You can find a launch trailer for the new Endzone – A World Apart DLC here:

Endzone – A World Apart: Distant Places is available for $8.79.

You can find a rundown (via Steam) below:


It has been centuries since we started to regain our foothold on the surface of the earth. Up to this day, we have strived to establish a flourishing haven, much more than just a shelter to withstand the harsh environment we find ourselves in. It’s a place that provides safety, health care, education and even electricity, but most importantly, it’s a place everybody can call their home. A place to pursue happiness. But even after reaching these important milestones and creating a new and healthy civilization, our people are still curious as to what lies ahead.

Being the pioneers they are, they want to reach out to other survivors and discover new and exciting places beyond the borders of the settlement. They want to uncover the Distant Places, far, far away that so many legends speak of.


  • Driven by an insatiable quest for knowledge, your explorers can take to the skies onboard their purpose-built hot air balloon and travel to mysterious places far off the map.
  • Embark on a journey of adventure and discovery far outside the safety of the settlement.
  • Experience 12 story-driven, large-scaled global expeditions that take you to 4 varied, yet unseen places of the world. Suited for only the most well-equipped adventurers, they offer uncertain but very rewarding outcomes.
  • Support and expand your settlement with new buildings that can be discovered during the new expeditions.
  • Have your people experience the unique tastes and merits of 6 all-new exotic seeds like coconuts and bananas.

Endzone – A World Apart has been available on Windows PC via GOG and Steam.

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