Post-apocalyptic colony simulator Endzone 2 announced

Endzone 2

Newly announced post-apocalyptic city builder Endzone 2 has you secure humanity’s survival, with a heavy emphasis on survival mechanics.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus a trailer:

Publisher Assemble Entertainment with its internal development studio Gentlymad Studios is incredibly excited to announce the sequel to its post-apocalyptic colony sim Endzone – A World Part. The sequel, titled Endzone 2, is a survival colony builder where players must confront an unforgiving environment, discover and repopulate habitable grounds and survive in order to protect the last remnants of humanity. To celebrate this announcement, Gentlymad Studios will also be adding a small update to Endzone – A World Apart.

Endzone 2 combines elements of survival and city building/colony sims in order to create a new and unique twist on these familiar genres. Players are able to freely choose their starting point and venture into a variety of different locations that are hiding valuable and unique resources and loot. They will also be able to create and manage multiple settlements and fight against the unforgiving and ever-changing environment.

When players aren’t exploring, they’ll need to build, develop and expand their settlements and secure economic progress by researching buildings, and technologies, and refining resources to create optimized production lines in order to keep up with the size of their growing community. Players will also be tasked with establishing trade routes between habitable grounds and traders.

Gentlymad Studios strives to bring the supportive community from Endzone – A World Apart over to Endzone 2 in order to develop the sequel in line with player expectations. Players familiar with Endzone – A World Apart can now enjoy the challenge of creating and managing multiple settlements and using vehicles to establish trade routes, barter with traders and go on expeditions. Additionally, Endzone 2 includes a complete overhaul of the rendering system bringing players a more detailed and visually appealing environment along with new animations to immerse players like never before.

Endzone 2 is the sequel to Endzone – A World Apart, a critically acclaimed post-apocalyptic survival game.

Endzone 2 is coming spring 2024, for Microsoft Windows (through Steam).



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