Embark on a DOS Adventure in MURI

muri ss 1

The guys who brought you the excellent Zelda homage/parody Ittle Dew are cooking up yet another nostalgic throwback game. This time, it’s something a bit less conventional and possibly older than most of the games you’ve ever played, unless you played DOS games back in the day.

Yes, MURI is a platform shooter based off DOS games, featuring simplistic pixel graphics and music filled with bleeps and bloops. I grew up playing this kind of stuff, dag-nabbit! You young whippersnappers have no idea how good you have it with today’s games!

You can check out the debut trailer for MURI below:

I digress, MURI is meant to be a real 80’s gaming experience, featuring 16 color EGA graphics and PC speaker sounds. The story is described as bizarre, cheesy and yet serious. In MURI, humans have successfully colonized Mars, only to later to have scientists create an armor suit of insurmountable power.

This naturally makes several colonist groups fight amongst themselves. Suddenly, Mars vanishes and a woman sets out on a journey to discover the fate of the human colonists. In case MURI feels a bit ancient to newer players, there’s an optional mode to make the game move more smoothly. MURI features four chapters and difficulties, tons of secrets, and of course, lots of nostalgia.

MURI is coming to PC this holiday.

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