Elden Ring AFK guide – how to deal with AFK rune farmers

Elden Ring AFK Guide

We prepped up an Elden Ring AFK Guide as the game follows FromSoftware’s previous titles with its PvP mechanics, so you can tread carefully.

Elden Ring is similar to its forebears in that players can summon duelists or open themselves up to invasion from hostile players. The reward? In Elden Ring it’s a free Furlcalling Finger Remedy and a healthy stack of runes to level up your characters.

However this tried and true mechanic has come into conflict with a newer one: mounting. Torrent, your trusty steed is unavailable when using multiplayer, so how could he possibly be a problem? But the truth is that your swift-galloping DOUBLE-JUMPING friend is causing a serious headache for players.

Players have discovered locations in the game only accessible while riding Torrent. When the player arrives at their destination, they dismount, open themselves up to invaders, crouch and hide, and… they go AFK.

While these players are AFK, invaders will come one after another, trying to find their prey. But some invaders are quickly learning their only viable option is to give up and give their inaccessible opponent the win.

We won’t highlight these exploitable locations. Instead, here’s a list of helpful tools to deal with AFK players, via our Elden Ring AFK guide:

Elden Ring AFK guide

The Cannon of Haima

The Cannon of Haima is a Glintstone Sorcery found at the Converted Fringe Tower in Liurnia and requires 25 Intelligence to fire off.

This spell lobs an arc of arcane magic that explodes in an area. Players who suspect their opponent is AFK and hiding out of reach can use this spell to knock their opponent off their perch or kill them outright if they’re specialized in sorcery.

The Jar Cannon

The Jar Cannon is a Hand Ballista that does massive damage when upgraded. Players can launch Explosive Greatbolts at their enemies and similar to the Cannon of Haima, try and knock their opponents down to the ground.

The Jar Cannon requires 34 Strength and 12 Dexterity to use effectively.

There are many AoE spells in Elden Ring which might reward a persistent player with a hit, but the tools above are the most reliable for defeating AFK players.

To be honest, while it may sting to reward these sorts of players, unless you’re prepared then you may just have to bite the bullet by giving up and moving on.

In case you missed it, you can find our thorough and spoiler-free review and video review for Elden Ring here – we also thought it’s excellent and highly recommended!

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Hopefully our Elden Ring AFK guide or our other above guides help you. Some players, unsatisfied with the relative safety of these inaccessible locations have begun taking it a step further and will glitch themselves underneath the map to ensure they’re uninterrupted farming.

Elden Ring is available now across Windows PC (via Steam), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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