Earth Defense Force: World Brothers Confirmed for Western Release, Early 2021

Earth Defense Force: World Brothers

D3 Publisher and developer Yukes have announced Earth Defense Force: World Brothers will be coming to the west, along with a release date.

The previously announced voxel-based spin-off of the Earth Defense Force series had a new trailer during GameSpot’s Play For All charity event. Based on our prior report, GameSpot‘s coverage, and the trailer, it appears our initial information was correct.

Players work to beat back the insectoid alien invasion of a voxel-based Earth, that is being broken up by the invaders. Players must gather other EDF members (or Brothers) from around the world, using their skills and abilities to save the earth.

Producer Nobuyuki Okajima explained to GameSpot The game acts as not only a way for younger players to enjoy the typically more mature series, but a “fun and casual EDF to enjoy while [fans] wait for the next series title.” This also gives the developers a bit of a break.

“We will continue to do our best to make this series constantly evolve for players. However, doing so gives our dev teams tremendous pressure, leading us to longer development cycles for each title.”

“We originally developed the game for the Japanese market, we surprisingly found out that so many enthusiastic U.S. fans love EDF. EDF may not be a major title, but we will make sure the English version will be available for EDF soldiers in USA and beyond.”

You can find the Western Release trailer below.

Earth Defense Force: World Brothers launches early 2020 for Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4.

Image: GameSpot

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