Tower defense RPG Dwerve launches for Switch in October


Arm yourself with turrets and stand your ground in the tower defense dungeon crawler Dwerve, coming to Nintendo Switch soon.

The game is set to release October 12, 2023, on the Nintendo Switch, as well as the Epic Games Store on PC. Dwerve has been available on Microsoft Windows (through Steam).

You can view the announcement and trailer below:

Half Human Games is thrilled to announce the Nintendo Switch today and Epic Games Store release date for their action-adventure Dwerve – October 12! We call upon brave tinkerers to arm themselves with turrets and prepare for the battles to come! To sate your burning anticipation for the game, behold this release date trailer and discover this newly crafted genre…

“Dwerve draws an abundance of inspiration from classic Zelda games like A Link to the Past. Dwerve adventures through a whimsical fantasy world full of danger and excitement, a beautifully crafted pixel-verse brimming with wonder. Being a nostalgic SNES-inspired action-adventure with innovative tower-defense combat, Dwerve is a perfect fit for the Nintendo Switch.” — Percy Legendre IV, co-founder of Half Human Games.

Key Features

  • Tower-defense combat! Build turrets and traps to fend off swarms of monsters!
  • Dungeon-crawling! Explore a ruined kingdom brimming with hidden secrets and puzzles!
  • Upgrade your turrets and traps! Each has its own upgrade tree with 100+ upgrades in all!
  • Fight epic boss battles! Use strategy, wit, and fast reflexes to outmaneuver massive monsters!
  • Discover powerful artifacts! Dragonfire Boots, Lionheart Shield, Gurrakk’s Hammer, and more!
  • Embark on an adventure! Meet friends, travel throughout the mountain, stop the Witch-Queen!
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